The name thaler was used as an abbreviation of Joachimsthaler, a coin type from the town of Joachimsthal in the Kingdom of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic), where there were silver mines and the first such coins were minted in 1518. This original Bohemian thaler carried a lion, from the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Bohemia, on its reverse side.

Etymologically, Thal (modern: Tal) is German for "valley", and a thaler is a person or a thing "from the valley". The Czechspelling was tolar; many varieties of the term are used in different languages. In the 1902 spelling reform, the German spelling was changed from Thal and Thaler to Tal and Taler, which however did not affect the English spelling of thaler.

The later Dutch daalders also carried the picture of a lion, which gave them the name leeuwendaalder ("lion thaler"). From an abbreviation of leeuwendaalder come the names of three present-day Balkan currencies, the Romanian and Moldovan Leu and the Bulgarian Lev.


We decided to choose Ethereum blockchain for our amazing project called Thaler(TAL).

Our team motivation is to create the most trusted and low fee token on the market.

Thaler is a bridge creator between our community and large investors.The idea of crypto mass education will lead our token to mass adoption.

Thaler is fully decentralized and by definition the most trustable coin on the market!

Total supply   :      350.000.000 TAL

Circulating supply :180.000.000 TAL

Blockchain    :       Ethereum

Contract address :   0x375a08ce3a460f20bbafd282be1e3579a2c31f41

You can check in real time the cost of one transaction with our token: 

Meet our community on Telegram Group :

Thaler (TAL) Group Chat

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